Share your knowledge on these two classic MPCs
By Kotac Sat Oct 17, 2020 6:04 am
So i just got the sync gen for my mpc 60 its my first time trying to sync the mpc to my daw and i want to make sure i have this down right. Everything is connected from my interface to the sync gen and then my midi cable is going from M1 into my mpc midi input 1. Everything works fine expect I noticed there was some delay from the start of the sequence (lets say a simple 2bar drum loop). If i record onto a track instantly from 0:00.000 in the daw theres like 20-21 ms before the kick hits which is at 1.01 on my sequence or at 0:00 on the mpc. I figured maybe it was because the sync gen needs a bar or so to be running already before I record so i let it count in for 2 bars and then recorded the same 2 bar sequence. There was still about 8ms of time before that first kick was recorded in the daw. I went into the mpc sync settings and turned shift early to 8ms and then counted in again and recorded the sequence and it seems to now record exactly (or close enough) at the start but I want to know if this is normal for using the sync gen. I thought the purpose of the sync gen was to have it exactly synced up to the daw with no delay or jitter, keeping the exact timing and groove/feel of the mpc. Im assuming that if i use it this way with the shift early 8ms it should do the trick but I guess im just a bit confused regarding the sync gen and its use. Excuse my ignorance in this situation but I would appreciate any feedback as im pretty new to this and using older samplers. Thanks.