Share your knowledge on these two classic MPCs
By Chaka Sat Jul 28, 2012 9:39 pm
clint246clint wrote:A relatively cheap source of spare parts...

MPCHunter wrote:Seriously consider buying a S3000xl and using it as a donor machine. Besides the floppy, you'll get other useful parts like a spare LCD, backlight, inverter, encoders, and you can pawn off the 8outs and RAM to a MPC2000 or 2000 user. It never hurts to have spare parts for your 3000.

wait a sec, S-3000xl or S-3000? or both? someone else mentioned S-3000.

this thread should be a sticky btw.
By Clint Sun Jul 29, 2012 7:51 pm

You may also find the EB16 FX board is installed, which is useful for the MPC2000/ XL.
By Clint Mon Aug 20, 2012 8:00 pm
Want to fit an internal card reader in your MPC3000?

Those pesky PCD's and McDisk's are hard to come by these days, you can make your own using tried and tested components and the Acard SCSI to IDE bridge AEC-7720U.


Details of parts required and the necessary firmware are in the above thread. Many thanks to SEED78 for his involvement with firmware testing, and GALEGATRON for the parts list below. In addition to the listed parts you will need the Acard SCSI to IDE bridge AEC-7720U or AEC-7720UW with suitable firmware.

galegatron wrote:
here is what i used for my internal card reader..if i remember it correctly...

scsi cable 25 to 50 ... 0553381139


(seems like a lot of powercables, but this way you dont have to solder stuff in your mpc)

powercable 1 (adapter floppy to molex) ... 0140425166

powercable 2 (molex y splitter) ... 0373965917

powercable 3 (molex to floppy) ... 0138622600


then you will need this male to male 25 scsi adapter : ... 0582071820


i think thats it regarding the cables.

The Acard SCSI to IDE bridge (AEC-7720U) looks like this. It allows an IDE device (CF drive) to be used on the SCSI bus.

By Chaka Tue Aug 21, 2012 4:46 am
thanks for posting this, Clint.

Is the Addonics CF-IDE reader the only brand that works with Acard bridge?

Everyone's out of stock. maybe I'm not looking hard enough.. :hmmm:
By Clint Tue Aug 21, 2012 2:00 pm
In theory, I guess any IDE/ CF reader should work.

After all, IDE is IDE. (cheap, no hot-swap)

ATAPI is ATAPI. (hotswappable, I believe)

Snagging the Addonics CF reader gives you peace of mind if hotswap isnt an issue.
By Clint Tue Aug 28, 2012 7:43 pm
Has your MPC3000 got the maximum memory installed (32mb)?

If so be sure to remove the 2mb or 8mb memory board the machine may have.

Below = EXM-002

Below = What not to do...remove the board on the right. It just slides out!

mpc3000le wrote:Make certain you remove the AKAI EXM3002/EXM3008 memory board [if installed in your machine].

The AKAI EXM3002/EXM3008 memory board does not need to be installed when your machine is maxed out to 32 megabyte.

Leaving the AKAI EXM3002/EXM3008 memory board installed is not necessary as the MPC3000 just "maps it out".

The function performed by an AKAI EXM3002/EXM3008 memory board while its in a "mapped out state" will be that of straining the power supply stages.

By Clint Wed Aug 29, 2012 12:03 pm
A couple of newbie MPC3000 tutorials originally posted by forum member ADPRODUCTIONS.

By Clint Thu Oct 11, 2012 6:07 pm
Handy guide to ZIP drives, originally posted elsewhere by Pilchard (edited/ updated)

Pilchard wrote:Just for the record and for all those newbies that pop-up on here with zip drive questions, here is a definitive guide to using zip drives with your MPC.

Before plugging in or unplugging your zip drive, make sure both the drive and MPC are switched off. Failure to do this can result in a blown SCSI fuse, almost certainly making a trip to the repair shop necessary.


SCSI zip drive

These can be identified by two switches on the back. One is the TERMINATION and this should be set to ON, unless you are daisy chaining to a further device.
The other is the SCSI ID #
This should be set to #5
If it is set to #6 it will cause a conflict with the ID of the MPC.

On the zip drive, the cable going to the MPC should be plugged into the port marked ZIP.

This zip drive can be used with the MPC3000, MPC60 and the MPC2000 using the 25 pin screw connector cable that originally came with it.


The SCSI drive can also be used with the MPC2000XL and MPC4000 using a 25 pin to 50 pin(known as SCSI 2 or 50 pin half pitch) cable.



Parallel Zip Drive

This type of drive cannot be used connected directly to the MPC


However, it can be connected to the parallel port of your computer and used to transfer files to and from a disc that you use with your MPC eg. to transfer files between MPC and computer and back.


Zip PLUS drive

This is a hybrid drive, designed to work either as a Parallel drive or a SCSI drive.


It automatically detects whether it is plugged into a Parallel or a SCSI port and also self terminates when it is not daisy chained to another device.

The drive has a single switch on the back to set the SCSI ID#, and the word AUTODETECT.


I have used one of these drives with my MPC3000 for many years without issue BUT the more knowledgeable members on this forum warn against them so, to avoid problems, they are probably best avoided.


USB Zip drives

These can be used with your computer for transferring files to and from the MPC on a zip disc. USB zip drives can also be used in the MPC4000 front USB port.


They can be identified by a USB type B socket on the back and the the word USB. Some are bus-powered and draw current from the connected device, while older models require a mains adaptor to power the unit.

A word to those transferring files between MPC and computer
Where possible reserve a special zip disc for transfer purposes. Don't use a disc which has other essential files on it. It may save you from losing valuable saved files if problems occur.


Manufacturers guide to Zip drives/ model numbers. ... 1382e.html
By Clint Thu Oct 11, 2012 6:48 pm
Need a new backlight for your MPC3000?


Above backlight supplied to forum member APH.

Backlights are from eBay seller saint_baz AKA forum member MisterWhite. He is based in the UK, but ships worldwide.

Highly recommended.


MPC3000 Backlight Install Video from Mike @

Update: New LED Screens for MPC3000 are now available from UK and US eBay sellers No more fading EL foils and no need for the noisy invertor! Only £79 GBP or $110 USD.


UK/Europe: ... Swx-9Wt2Dn

USA: ... SwZJlXMq-F
By Clint Sun Oct 28, 2012 4:08 pm
Contributions to this thread are most welcome.

Tips, tricks, upgrades, mods, whatever you got that might help.

More answers and info than questions. :wink:
By Clint Wed Jan 16, 2013 4:11 pm
clint246clint wrote:Contributions to this thread are most welcome.

The other thread is the MPC60 bible, stuff relating to the MPC3000 should go here. They do have many similarities of course, but fundamentally the two machines are different. I think I'll get this stickied pretty soon.