Share your knowledge on these two classic MPCs
By deepah84 Wed May 08, 2013 9:51 pm
mr_debauch wrote:
Ottomatic wrote:@mr_debauch

Okay, just PM me a link. Do you know if the PGMs from your disk load on OS 3.1?

no, but I doubt it... however there are all the sounds too I think (in .wav) You would more likely know and be able to sort it out.... at the very least you could try and rebuild it in the mean time until someone who has the legit floppy comes around.

Hi, thank you very much for the sounds! 8)

I wonder if it exists a list detailing each PGM with its associated sounds, like a patch or waveform list of a synthesiszer.., any idea?

I have been lookin on the internet for about an hour but i can't find such a thing :lol:

By Thebeatmarket Thu Dec 17, 2015 12:47 am
I've got the Rock Set Disk, but i can't make any of these images work in my mpc 60. I keep getting an error that i need an upgraded system. Tried with OS 2.12 and 3.10e. Even my MPC 3000 won't load the disks. I tried with 3.11 and 3.5 Vailixi.

I used OMNIFLOP to write the disks and formatted the floppy with my MPC.

I can see the .SET file, but nothing seems to let me load the disk.
By Ottomatic Mon May 23, 2016 12:27 pm
I think some of the floppies that I made images of were corrupt or they weren't copied correctly. I used a USB floppy drive to copy them. I think I probably should have used an older computer with a built in floppy drive and an older OS. When I made a copy of the OS 2.02 boot disk using Omniflop I burned the disk image onto a blank disk and it worked just fine so I just assumed that the other disk images would work too. I recently acquired an old PC that has a built in floppy drive so at some point I might try making images of the disks again and see if they work correctly. The computer is running Windows 98 so hopefully Omniflop is compatible with it.
By ajarson Thu Feb 04, 2021 8:17 pm
This thread had so much opportunity for musical and archival purposes! Were all of these disk images in these links confirmed to not work even when using omniflop and a PC with a built in floppy drive? I have all of the images saved just in case but us 60 users (especially ones like me who use it primarily as a classic 80s sample based drum machine) would be so lucky to have access to these rare disks. So, have any 60 users gotten these to actually work?