Share your knowledge on these two classic MPCs
By michaelkevin Tue Jan 08, 2019 4:57 am
I'm getting pops and clicks akin to poorly-spliced audio files without a crossfade in a DAW. On the 3000, valixi. It only happens when I have some fast/busy sequences programmed. If I just mute the busiest track, the pops and clicks will stop. Also, the pops and clicks happen at the beginning of a sample, so the pops are on beat, but still very much annoying.

Does anyone else have this limitation? I just upgraded my LCD screen. Self-installed it. Could I have messed something up.

I get excited, or caffeinated, and program some pretty busy patterns here and there, but isn't this exactly what the machine was made to do?

If need be, I can post audio/video, but it really is just exactly like the sound of missing a crossfade when a crossfade is very much needed in a daw. It's as if I'm telling the MPC to process more than it can handle, so it makes these digital pops and clicks sporadically with the triggering of samples.

Any help or knowledge or ideas is very much appreciated! Prepping for a live performance, would really like to avoid these. Would also like to program as busy as my heart desires, but willing to work with the machine!

PS: I've tested this with the internal mixer volumes wayyyy down, and it's definitely not a matter of clipping. Definitely a digital pop. When I lower the mixer levels, it's actually worse, because the pops stay their same loudness.
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