Share your knowledge on these two classic MPCs
By maxb Tue Apr 23, 2019 4:20 am
Hey, MPC60ii owner here. MPC is without a RAM upgrade, Vimana OS 3.15B, and has a CF card reader attached to the Marion SCSI interface.

I am getting a loud white noise static sound layered over my sample sounds upon loading sounds from the CF card into the memory of the 60. It isn’t quite the Ghost in the Machine issue, the sounds are not random and are only on playback after loading.

EG If I sample, and assign the sound to a pad, without saving to/loading from disk I get no static, no white noise, just the sample.

Additionally, if I load a Program (with sounds and assignments) from the CF card I am getting garbled information in my mix window, and sometimes crashes. I have to Initialize parameters and power cycle the 60 in order to get back to normal operation.

Diagnostically, I was taking 1s samples across as many pads as possible, saving, and reloading, to see if the problem was only affecting certain pads and therefore certain RAM chips. The noise appears on each sample I load.

I also reformatted a pair of 1GB CF cards to see if it were a corrupt disk issue. No luck.

Does this certainly sound like a RAM issue to you? Or because it only happens upon loading from the CF card could it be something else. Has anyone experienced this issue with the Vimana OS chips? I don’t have the original OS chips.

If it is the RAM, are there modern replacements for the onboard Ram? I couldn’t find much information on that in the forum.

Thanks for the help.
By aSecretRose Tue May 21, 2019 9:03 pm
I have same issue.
Same MPC, same OS, without ram expansion and a CF card reader too.
Pretty sure it only happens when I save and load from the cf card too.
You're not alone. Maybe fake / counterfeit 1gb cf card?
For the time being I sample, make a beat and track straight into my DAW to continue / finish. Then just turn the MPC off, losing the session.

I've often thought a gotek drive with HxC is the answer?... hmmm