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By Xandre Mon Jul 15, 2019 5:58 pm
Hey, can the MPC 3000 do note repeat on the hi-hats the way we hear in today's hit music? If it can, how do you engage the function?
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By Lampdog Mon Jul 15, 2019 7:10 pm ... -3000.html

This is what I've found.

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CORRECT Key: Correcting Timing Errors, Swing Timing. . .49 The Note Repeat Feature. . .52 Tempo and the TEMPO/SYNC Key. . .53
p. 11
identified by your particular swing settings, your creative use of Note Repeat, or your real-time use of the Note Variation feature.
p. 16
been recorded on all 1/16- notes. This feature is called note repeat and is described further in the "Timing Correct" section, later
p. 59
two other functions in the MPC3000: 1. It sets the Note Repeat timing value, described later in this chapter. Page 49 Chapter
p. 62
Chapter 3: Recording Sequences The Note Repeat Feature Another very useful feature of the TIMING CORRECT key
p. 65
keyboard notes, such as a repeated 1/16-note bass part The Note Repeat feature is used in real time while recording or playing.
p. 65
RECT. This is very useful for hands-free use of the Note Repeat function. ' + ': Press to duplicate the function of
p. 78
3 35-98 35-98 0-127 0-23 Version: 3.0 Remarks Used in Note Repeat feature Can be assigned to Note Variation Slider See note
p. 229
Note Number Assignment, globally editing 89 Note Number, defined 20 Note Repeat 52 Note Variation 16 LEVELS key 26 AFTER key 26
p. 246
Time Signature Viewing 34 Viewing and changing 77 Timing Correct Note Repeat 52 TIMING CORRECT key 49 Timing delays 222 Track, defined
p. 249