Share your knowledge on these two classic MPCs
By moonmaster Mon Sep 09, 2019 3:43 pm
Hello, I ordered a new Operation Board for an MPC60 from vstservice and I'm having issues with it.

When it's connected and I boot up the MPC, all the LEDs come on and wont turn off, and the buttons remain unresponsive, even after the OS finishes booting.

I reseated all the ribbon cables on the MPC and checked the 4 fuses.

I'm unsure why this is happening and I'm hoping anyone can give me some pointers. Maybe it's power related? It didn't happen on my previous defective part.
By moonmaster Mon Sep 09, 2019 6:57 pm

I reached out to VSTservice and this is what they had to say

The MPC-60 Operation board was tested in working order so it shouldn’t be the problem, if all the LED lights are on – this usually means the long grey ribbon cable (20 pin IDC cable) is not plugged into the Sync board correctly (check connector 203 on the Sync board). Make sure +5 and +12 vdc lines are good, also check reset command on Pin 11.

Do you have schematics?

What was the original problem with the MPC?

Feel free to provide your input on this guys I hope I can bring this back to life.
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By JUKE 179r Tue Oct 08, 2019 8:42 am
On the MPC60 service manual there is a pin ‘14’ reset on IC LC7981 the LCD Dot Matrix Graphic Generator on the Sync PC board.