Submit your beats to our regular battles - the winner starts the next battle!
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By Psychedelic Schizophrenic Thu Mar 29, 2018 7:46 pm
It has come to my attention and I’m sure Pk1 has noticed it as well that some members on here are a bit unsure on how the weekly beat battles work. I've taken the time to write a little beat battle 101 guide that I hope will clear up any questions or queries that members might have :smoker:

When Do The Battles Run?

We aim to run the battles weekly to the following schedule:

Each Thursday Night\Friday Morning we post up the next battle, you then have till midnight Tuesday to enter your submission for that weeks battle.

Then by Wed we post a 2 day vote for that weeks battle.

*In circumstances when there are only 1 entry or no entries for that weeks battle we normally just let the battle run into the next week to allow people more time to submit something*

Who Can Enter And How Do I Enter?

The battle is open to anyone that are members on here regards if your just joined or been here since Noah was designing his blueprint for the Ark. All you need to do is download the sample, export them to your weapon of choice and follow the rules and criteria for that weeks battle (more on that in the next section).

All we ask is that can you please put BB and the battle number in the title of your track. For example if you was entering Beat Battle 205 then you would include “(BB 205)” in your track title. You can post you entries up using either soundcloud or youtube in that weeks battle thread.

Rules And Criteria

Rules and criteria are set by the previous week winner who will also provide the 1 Sample for the next battle. They might choose something like this:

No Acapellas.
Maximum 2 Minute track length.
Must use one of given samples.
VST bass ok to use.
VSTinstruments ok to use.
VST Fx’s ok to use.


Must use all samples.
Must use provide breaks for the drums.
No outside samples or VST.

Etc etc

All you need to do is just make sure that you follow the rules and criteria that have been set out.

Voting And What To Do If I’ve Won?

Voting is open to anyone regardless if you entered the battle or not. We highly encourage leaving feedback for each track with constructive criticism, if you didn’t like that beat then tell them what was wrong with it or if they did good then tell them what you enjoyed about it.

There is only one golden rule for voting and it applies to anyone that entered the battle, please don’t vote for yourself.

If you have won the battle then you can either Pm myself or PK1 with your samples, rules and criteria so we can set up the next round. Also just because you won doesn't mean your not allowed to enter the next battle either.

That’s it folks hopefully this has been so use to someone.