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By pk1 Fri Jan 04, 2019 4:41 pm

Morning beat heads!
Big congrats to GD.

Lets check his samples:

Use at least 1 chop from each of the 4 samples provided. (must use all samples)
Time limit 3mins max.
Outside instruments ok
no acapellas
vocal drops ok
deck work welcome
upload track to You tube or Soundcloud
post in this thread by Jan 8th Midnight your time.

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By Psychedelic Schizophrenic Tue Jan 08, 2019 11:16 pm
Congrats on the win Granny David

Had an hour free so I busted the 2500 on. I used chops from all the samples provided, drums were chopped and layered from the classic Melvin Bliss - Synthetic Substitution drum break and the "Of course I'm Fresh" vocal was taken from Big Daddy Kane track "Just Rhymin' With Biz"

S.I.C.K THE DRUMGOD wrote:I will be back VERY SOON.Be Afraid...Very Afraid...Bhwaaa haa haaaa!!!

Look forward to it S.I.C.K :smoker: