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By saltmcgault Mon Aug 02, 2021 1:31 am
Big props to Near Tao. Let's see what he has for
Round 316!

Sample: ... d.wav?dl=0


Track needs to have BB 316 in title
track needs to be posted in this thread from Soundcloud or Youtube
Track needs to be submitted by Aug 10th Tuesday @ midnight.

Good luck y'all :popcorn:
By dez perado Tue Aug 03, 2021 5:14 pm
used the sample for everything besides drums on this one. added some light effects
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By NearTao Fri Aug 06, 2021 1:13 am
I think this is another case of explaining what the heck I did, because it's probably not entirely obvious what's going on. The only external samples are the Bass, Kick, Snare, Hats, Shaker, and Claps. Everything else is coming from the sample, but pretty heavily processed through the Morphagene for granular effects, and then in a the last 2/3rds of the track also going through the Data Bender to get some weird corrupted sounds/stutters and stuff in there.

The initial sound was actually put together with that guitar sound loop stacked at the beginning, and I just wanted to make it work so I spent a bit of time finding loop points and the getting a reasonable BPM. Basically it is the tail end of the track playing pitched down, and then using the Morphagene morph control to add some additional harmonic content in which is giving it that kind of... I don't know... rhythmic kind of guitar lead?

I spent a lot of time just trying to find a rhythm that would work with this guitar sound to play out the drums and bass, and I feel like I got the groove of it well enough *shrug*.

The next sections that have the weirder sounding guitar and Vox kind of "waaa" are sounds from the sample, but as I said, played through the Morphagene pitched down, and then just tweaking settings in the Data Bender to get it into a sweet spot that would sound interesting.

Overall, this doesn't really give any kind of throwback to the original sample, so kind of a boo... but whatever, I had fun putting this weird track together, and I suppose that's what counts :D

I spent a couple hours trying to do hunting and pecking to see if I could find something to work out for some FX, drums, and bass... but ultimately the rest of what I sampled just wasn't holding the track together in a way that I thought sounded good.

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By bliprock Tue Aug 10, 2021 10:54 am

I wanna meet this Diner chick...
Anyways, I took inspiration from the lyrics and brought together the whistle, the "HIGHER" for rise up so early in the morn'. Can't you hear the captain shouting is of course Do you love your hardcore. Diner blow my, I mean your horn. and yeah the siren is the horn and of course added crowd sounds and that so its like you are there or something.
I guess this is half finished UK garage, I made hoover sounds and such but didnt get around to adding them, but yeah bit sloppy but time limit and was busy. This one was fun to do and yeah I think I might keep working with it, cos it is too much fun, but then I guess you have to love your hardcore, get ya day glow sticks and baggy pants on. edging on a bit slow though at 164BPM
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By bliprock Tue Aug 10, 2021 5:00 pm
NearTao wrote:Bliprock... you get my vote just for putting a huge smile on my face first thing in the morning :D

Thanks mate!

haha im glad you had a laugh and figured that I might be the only one bringing this sound cos it is a bit rarer nowadays, been a while since 1993. And yeah I do think the sample fits the genre as it is not too serious and fun. So glad it brought a smile to your dial.

I remember most of the words which was spooky. But hearing it again I realised it was almost describing a rave this time around, and yeah collected the sounds, which took a while and lucky to find them, but worth the time and effort. Was fun except finding those particular samples which I think are must have classic rave samples so really wanted them. Also I spent ages looking for a rave crowd sound, with no background music, and could not find a decent one with whistles, so ended up making it with all those sounds instead and reverb. Yeah I am impressed how it sounds like a rave crowd when it isnt, it's some rock concert crowd sample. And yeah it was like I am back in 1994.

Also please note it is loud, but you should know this if you know the genre. I did ZERO gain staging or mixing and just mixed as I jammed and just recorded a stereo mix out live. So I think I was lucky to get this kinda mix being loud and also kinda balanced with zero work. lucky really. It is not a great mix, but it kinda suits the genre. So yeah I did piano part and hoover sounds and still want to go back and do more to it, cos now it is at that stage where it is good enough to warrant finishing properly. And yes, I love my hardcore.