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Best Flip?

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By saltmcgault Thu Aug 26, 2021 7:23 am
Time to get the ball rolling and check out some beats. Vote runs for 2 days.
Im pretty sure yall know the drill.

dez perado


Reefer Madness
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By saltmcgault Thu Aug 26, 2021 1:52 pm
Reefer Madness wrote:
N1's went with Dez..Greetz

Damn bro I didn't know anybody else was going to enter. My apologies, let me redo the voting poll and get you added in there. :smoker:
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By NearTao Thu Aug 26, 2021 2:47 pm
Dez - Solid entry as usual man... dig the vibe here... a bit dissonant for my tastes (today), but absolutely solid entry
Salt - Gotta say I'm really just digging the space and atmosphere here, good choice for reverb or whatever you layered onto the sample
Reefer - Like the track, and think you could've leaned into the vocals a bit more... maybe some faux scratching, bigger delays/feedback... not sure... nice filtering

For all ya'll... I think you all played it kind of safe with the sample... I probably would've ruined it with a lot of FX, pitching, or whatever... but I think there was some room for even a few measures of experimentation with it... but all the entries kinda sounded like a similar flip... nothing wrong with that... cuz everybody used the same sample... but given that, I think Dez stands out the most for taking risks here.
By dez perado Thu Aug 26, 2021 5:57 pm
Really dope production from from you both.difficult to choose .both used some really good chops from that sample and used them well.i went with Salt on this one because of the extra sample layers going on in that sweet spot.But Reefer was right on you his mix was a little more tidy.
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By saltmcgault Thu Aug 26, 2021 7:43 pm
Damn I think we all tore up the intro. :lol: Good shit from both of you. Reefer I wish I would've heard the end part sooner it was still dope. I like the low pass filter shit you had going on.

Dez the drums are dope all the samples you used fit nicely especially those piano hits towards the end they're in the back but you can hear them.

I went with Dez on this one, I think his beat stood out more than both Reefers and mine. Either way dope flips! :smoker:

Near thanks I think I added a para 4 band eq and fiddled with the settings. I was trying to do a 2 hour sprint with this battle which if I minus the jamming I think I could've done it. I had alot of fun last night with this one... maybe its because of the new monitors. lol