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Best Flip?

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By Psychedelic Schizophrenic Thu Dec 16, 2021 12:18 am
Right lets wrap this up and crown this weeks winner

Usual rules as per normal, obviously you all know by now don’t vote for yourself. Vote will run for 2 day, can the winner please send me , PK1 or Saltmcgault
ONE sample/rules on Friday for the next round. As always all feedback and constructive criticism is welcome, so let these guys know what you thought of their tracks etc



Good luck
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By NearTao Thu Dec 16, 2021 1:44 am
Cast my vote...

Oskarr - I think the lofi effect was a bit too heavy handed. You had some decent movement but I felt like I was listening to something that was squeezed through too many converters. Kind of left me wanting more sample rate... where's my bits? And I'm not one to go looking for bits usually :D. I feel like judicious use or on specific sections/parts would have been great effect, but it was kind of overwhelming my friend.

C5ick - I like the mix, but yo... the sample is repetitive... some change, automation, anything would've rocked this track sooo hard. At around 1:05 when you had the drum drop for a second I was so primed for a genius change up and flip... but you just rolled back into the same old. Not bad, but I feel like you could've show cased some better chops!
By DokBrown Thu Dec 16, 2021 4:20 pm
that C5ICK beat rocked hard.

NTAO, Sometimes you find such a nice groove tho’ you don’t want to mess with sauce anymore. With the right artist [not cr#$ rapper], this beat is the basics for a classic
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By Lampdog Fri Dec 17, 2021 7:13 pm