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By fuzuku Sun Nov 19, 2017 2:11 am
Fixing 1000 with workshop manufacturing methods & parts found in Computer Stores -

Hey guys, I copped a 1000, at a good price, at the cost of dead pads, dead buttons, faulty wiring, etc.

It does have 80GB Memory, 128MB Ram, and JJOS 3.16 (if I remember properly), Volume and Record Knob have no issues or noises, neither the converters, sliders transmit information, (The ins for Sampling do have faulty wiring, that seems no biggie, easy fix), Midi Works, Ins and Outs A and B, outs 1-4, etc.

Please keep in mind that I live in Venezuela, and I have no access to outside of the Country Stores, like MPCstuff. Think a place like Cuba. Ok.

I sold a few of my stuff to send this unit to a repair workshop where they do profesional work, I'm not too sure if they are familiar with MPC's, but they are professionals.

They are going to do basic maintenance, change the jacks and the wiring, etc and try to fix the dead pads (sensors) and buttons. And see what customization they're able to do, without the aid of "Ready Made to Install" Parts.

The only customization I can see done easily is the Cork Pads. Do some tests, manufacture, apply, bang on them.

Can somebody help me with how can I fix the pad sensors, jog wheel, the buttons "Arrow" , "Q Links" "Mode" , "F1" , "Window" , "Play", erc, the side panels (came broken) etc, in a few words, most of the MPC1000 without buying these pieces or replacements? I've done a fair amount of research and only found one fix, for the sensors, which requires a small cut, an incision in the sensor pads, to let the air out, and since finding an MPC in Venezuela is close to imposible, and with an inflation of 1,500% unrealistic to buy one, I'm not down with that.

How can I apply a LX Screen without the one in MPCstuff?

Any recommendations on how to fix this beat up half dead MPC1000 without the facility of buying stuff online? Any other home made workshop manufacturing customization I can apply?

Thanks a bunch!