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By damien907 Tue May 22, 2012 7:13 am
if you dont wanna build your own frames, this site has them from 11-14 dollars, you just need your own roxoul, oc 705 or oc 705 (these are the rigid fiberglass similar to what hellfire used in his build) this website also sells it (around 70 dollars for 6 sheets, check the clearance section you can get it for 40). your gonna also need some breathable cheap fabric that can be bought at any department store or arts and craftstore for pretty cheap.

i found some roxoul for about 60 bucks for 6 sheets locally, so the internet price isnt much differnet, just have to pay for shipping with them. i would personally just get the frames from them and get the rigid fiberglass and cloth locally.

keep in mind lowes and home depot wont sell rigid fiberglass like the kind that you need, your gonna have to look for more industrial carriers. ... el-frames/