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By martel80 Thu Oct 03, 2019 12:44 pm
Just got a SCSI2SD 5.5 for my MPC 3000 and I really love to be able to save all my projects without having to bounce the stems or using 12 disk.

Now, when I received my microSD , it was suposedly formated for my Sampler but it wouldnt recognize it so I formatted it from the MPC 3000 in 26 part of 32MB which is the maximum capacity of the MPC memory anyways.

The good part is that I can simply save a Stereo Bounce in my DAW named by date of Bounce plus the Partition letter and do the same in my MPC 3000 for the .APS and .ALL and assign it to a unique partition .

Now, as I understood, reading a bit here and there, my PC wont read those multiple partitions so my first question is : How can I back up my microSD in my PC if Windows cannot recognize the 26 partitions ? ( I admit it, I havent tried yet )

My second question is: As I only want to use the 26 x 32MB ( (832 MB in total ) , do you guys know any 10 pack of Class 10 MicroSD that goes for cheap. Just anything that is bigger 1 gb mainly. I dont care if its 3/4 empty or like my 16 GB now as 15 gb empty. I just want something reliable class 10 and cheap ( not sure that exist haha ) Hook me up if you know any stash anywhere :)

Last question, How do you guys identify your Micro SD cards ? ...its so small, I cant write anything on it.

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By JUKE 179r Fri Oct 04, 2019 6:22 am
Answer 1:
I couldn't get Windows OS to identify all 26 partitions so I had to insert it in a Mac to get all 26 partitions.
If you are restricted to only using a Windows PC, I would say to not use the last 2-4 partitions of the Micro SD card then.

Answer 2:
Before i answer this, just remember... you went from previously saving songs on "one" 1.5MB floppy to now a 1GB flash card partitioned to 832MB. That flash card can now hold the equivalent of 554 floppies!
IMO... Save your money and use the one flash card you already have until you fill it up. Then buy "one" more card if needed.

For Micro SD cards, I would definitely say don't go cheap and don't buy no name brands that you never heard of. eBay is flooded with fake counterfeit flash cards that are sh*tty quality.
Do your homework. Buy well known name brand cards and learn how to spot a fake card. Ask the eBay seller questions if you aren't sure or just buy from a reputable computer store or online store. It will cost a bit more but you get a better quality card and a warranty.

Answer 3:
Use paint pens or if you have women in your house, use their nail polish to draw numbers or letters or use different colors to identify the cards.