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By peterpiper Sun Nov 01, 2020 4:16 pm
Hey, I want to build a small DIY MIDI controller with arduino or raspi. I would like to use it for my TX16w sampler which doesn't have a data fader/knob but the ability to use any controlchange message for that.
Would be nice to use it for software too (GFX program Darktable and VST synths)

So the plan is:
1 or 2 fader
8 rotary encoder (with or without pushbutton)
8-16 buttons


Would be nice to merge the signal from MIDI IN with the signal of the internal fader/rotary encoder if thats possible (From what I read so far it isn't possible internally but I don't understand why not).

Any help is much appreciated.
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By peterpiper Tue Nov 03, 2020 2:33 am
NearTao wrote:I just got it up to 22 for you :D


NearTao wrote:Still no directly helpful information for you though... sorry :(

No problem. That just means I'll have to dig deeper and read some more sites on Raspi and Arduino Froums. Not a bad thing cause these boards are interesting anyway.
I just hoped I'll get spoonfed here :)