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By Visconte Cobram Mon Oct 17, 2022 6:35 pm
Ialways found the stock minijack headphone output on my MPC One a bit suspicious: it has no attachment to the chassis and as a result all the strain it endures whle plugging and unplugging the headphones is transferred to the pcb it is soldered on, not good IMO.
So I decided to add a 6.3mm jack output.
Since there is a lot of space under the pads that has been chosen as the spot to put it.
I just soldered three wires to the minijack pads, conveniently located as seen in the pics.
Tested to see if everything works (if you are going to do the same please keep in mind that the solder terminals for the minijack have the tip and the ring inverted, better check with a multimeter)
Then I drilled a small hole in the chassis and made it larger with a bigger bit.
It works as expected and has the added bonus of being able to use both the original minijack output and the new one together.

pics below

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By Ultros Thu Dec 29, 2022 7:33 pm
Does your 1/4 inch jack seem quieter than your 1/8 inch jack? Wondering about your choice of wiring there... what the resistence is like.

Didja take a quick poke with a multimeter to have a peep impedence? DO IT SCHLAM STILL?!? heh

I've debated doing this as well..