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By SuperKonquer Tue Mar 19, 2024 6:23 pm
I'm working on a personal midi controller project and I've decided to try and use pcbs and FSR sensors from the MPC X. I've ordered the boards but it'll likely be a while before I receive them. I'm going to be controlling them with a Teensy microcontroller. I decided to try this route because finding off the shelf velocity sensitive inputs, especially with leds, is almost non existent, or cost prohibitive. I could've tried some other cheaper options like gutting used controllers but the MPC X has the perfect pcb board size and is separate from other buttons and encoders etc etc.

I 'm looking for any high quality pictures of the fsr pcb to try and determine what leds they are using and what ics or shift registers they contain. All that's available online is low quality blurry photos, so it's impossible to read the numbers on the components from the photos.

Does anyone know of any comprehensive photos in high quality of the internals? I have an MPC X but I had a scare the last time I opened it up. so I want to avoid that if I can. I'm guessing the Live uses the same chips so any pics of those would help me get started figuring out how to read, control or bypass the chips.

I'll periodically update this thread when I start making headway into successfully controlling the boards just in case anyone is interested in using MPC pads to craft their own controller.