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By Tkone Wed Feb 07, 2018 8:59 pm
Hello. I had to register to this awesome forum at last, because i have some major isusses
with akai s-950 for a long time. I have used it as my main drum sampler for a bit of long time, but have a issue using with multiple samples. I have problems using keygroups if i understand right. How users usually program they're drums in it? I have tried keygroup funktion but doesent seem to understand it correctlty. Problem is that i can program one sample but doesent get others to work. Renamde samples separetly midi chained my mpc 1000 corretly but I dont get all sounds on my mpc pad. Can anuone give a helping hand ? It would be so nice to use that analog filter via midi.I would apreciate it if someone could help. Thanks! :worthy:
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By Harmoncj Tue Feb 13, 2018 1:04 pm
no one solved this? for shame! I can fire up my s950 later but I can tell you some hints without even looking:

-get you mpc program midi note numbers in order. by default its some random order
-set the s950 keygroup hi key and low key to the same number, and set it so key doesnt affect pitch
-copy group and keep increasing the hi key and lokey together to create you 16 sample slots