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By dryad-66 Fri Oct 19, 2018 2:47 pm
chino wrote:
Blue Monster 65 wrote:I brought a TR-8S home with me for a short while. It was nice, easy to use, sounded great and offered a lot of fun and flexibility. However, next to the SP-16, it was rather redundant and didn't sound as good to me (though some of its features would be nice to have on the SP-16). I didn't keep it.

The AS-1 seems to be a pretty good mono synth; very versatile and sounds great. I've already got a mono synth, but I keep thinking that one may come home with me one of these days, too.

I appreciate the feedback. The TR-8s looks like alot of fun but it might be redundant for me as well. I have already have a DJ-808, MV8800, & a HandSonic HPD-20. I'm a bit of a gear hoarder! :lol:

I do need some sort of a synth. Im currently using a Korg Kaossilator Plus. Thats why Im leaning towards a Toraiz AS-1. Ive read about sync issues and the interface not being very user friendly. I may need to take a trip to Sam Ash to try it out ...


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By chino Thu Nov 08, 2018 6:41 pm
I posted on Pioneer DJ's forum for any indication on an update for the Toraiz AS-1 mono synth. I would still like to add it to my setup once the MIDI SYNC issue is ironed out.

I think I may have discovered my first bug of the DJS-1000. Once a sample is recorded live, I attempt to rename & save the sample. While renaming & playing the sample at the same time, the sample sounds as if there is a flanger efx on it. I triple checked to see if I have an Effect on but there is none. I can reproduce this issue everytime I go to rename & save a live recorded sample that is simultaneously being played live. Playback of the sample corrects itself (back to sounding how it was originally recorded) after the sample is saved, though.
By chino Thu Nov 08, 2018 7:15 pm
Below is a STEP by STEP explanation of how to recreate the DJS-1000 Sample Playback BUG...

Step 1: Record live into the DJS-1000 sampler

Step 2: Press the corresponding pad on the Touch screen to the physical pad that the RECORDING is located on.

Step 3: Press SAMPLING/EDIT on the Touch screen WHILE the recording is being played.

Step 4: Press SAVE CHANGES on the Touch screen

Step 5: Rename the Recording WHILE it is playing.

RESULT: Played recording sounds as if there is an efx on it(flanger). Recording plays back normally(as originally recorded) once the SAMPLE is renamed & SAVED to the USB.

EXPECTED Result: I need to be able to record a phrase, RENAME & SAVE it all while playing the recording live WITHOUT the sound being altered during live playback.