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By Lampdog Mon Jul 16, 2018 3:35 am
golden-era wrote:I understand some here seem frustrated with sequencing on the ASR as opposed to thevsimplicity of the MPC, but after years of using the ASR I can tell you it can do anything sequencing wise a MPC can do even the Primo swing lol.

Why, yes, yes it can.
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By Lampdog Thu Jul 19, 2018 2:40 am
I completely understand.

I used mine from 1994-maybe 2006. I made harder beats when I used just it, a Sony walkman and a mini disc recorder/player.

It can accomplish SOOO much **** but nothing is automagical, everything is manual. If someone doesn't have the patience then oh well. I was ALWAYS able to get whatever I needed from it. The sequencer never bothered me. It's not the tightest but it WORKED perfectly for me, chopping by ear and no numbers worked extremely well for me to, resample sinewaves down to 6khz saved me a LOT of space. Copy to params saved my life so many times, I can go on.

What other gear can actually copy params and use a virtual copy without doubling the physical space? Sampling while playing was a big one for me to. The LIVE inputs I used to use as a mixer also. Connect my drum machines main outputs to it genius back then.
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By DJ Supreme Tue Aug 07, 2018 8:26 am
60_3000_2000_4000 wrote:
Lampdog wrote:
What other gear can actually copy params and use a virtual copy without doubling the physical space?

The early OS of the MPC60 did this as well.

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No it didn't. Stop playin :Sigh: :twisted:
By 60_3000_2000_4000 Tue Aug 07, 2018 10:56 am
DJ Supreme wrote: :?: :?: :?:
No it didn't. Stop playin :Sigh: :twisted:

I remember when i first got my 60ii it had an early OS. It had this same copy sample feature, which i thought was amazing after being used to the MPC2000. Next I wanted to install SCSI. Unfortunately to do this i had to update the OS chips and it no longer had that feature after the update.
By Cockdiesel Sat Oct 13, 2018 6:32 am
Just a heads up salt, I am not sure how the asr rack reacts with polyphonic after touch. I forgot about it. It may recognize it only from controllers that can send poly after touch, maybe even not at all. Poly after touch is tricky one as it’s not always standard. I think the mpc can do it (similar to velocity) but it may require differnt work around vs the keyboard doing it itself. It’s really not a big deal, (with other workarounds), but I just posted a few vids dealing with it so I just wanted to be a little more clear.
By SMW Sat Oct 27, 2018 1:08 pm
I am having a problem with the Asr 10, Mpc 5000 and Jv-1080 combo. I'm kinda new to the ASR, just got it like a month ago. A few days back I got the oldschool Jv-1080 module, that I'd like to add to my setup.

I would like to sequence ASR and Jv 1080 to the MPC (like everybody else), and play Jv's sounds on the ASR you know? Right now I am able to play Jv with Mpc's pads but keys on the ASR dont do anything :shock: When I press a key on the ASR I can see the little dot on MPC's main screen that tells MPC is receiving signal, but for some reason I cant play Jv this way... :?

My cables go like this:
MPC Midi out A ---> ASR Midi in

ASR Midi out ----> MPC Midi in 1

MPC Midi out B ---> JV Midi in

This is real basic stuff I know, I have spent damn much time atm to find the answer! :lol: Reading threads from the web, checking out manuals etc... How have you guys hooked up this kind of setup?
By SMW Sun Oct 28, 2018 9:45 am
Ok, so I managed to figure it out (almost immediately after posting my previous message :Sigh: ). Under the mpc's MIDI/SYNC-menu I had to switch SOFT THRU: AS TRACK, and I was able to play Jv with the ASR :worthy:
I guess I was just too focused on the asr's settings and all the time I thought that there was something messed up...