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By Ill-Green Tue Dec 19, 2017 11:53 pm
I just sold the Digitakt to fund this, plus 20%off from MF. Really enjoying it. Feels like the MV's lost little cousin for its lay-out. As for the screens, I have to give Akai props for their iPad-attempt touchscreen because the Pioneer touchscreen is meant for single finger poking. Not a deal breaker for me though, I like that you can be strictly knobs too. I'm officially on vacation today, so I'm gonna rest up and get deep with it in the wee early hours :mrgreen:

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By Ill-Green Fri Dec 22, 2017 12:27 pm
Ok after a couple days with the new DJS-1000, I can say the Toraiz SP-16 cats have nothing to worry about or should be mad. They have a production tool and this is a DJ tool. These are my known difference so far, I do not own a Toraiz but I read its manual and asked other Toraiz owners for feedback and I gathered up the differences.

1)DJS does not have Song Arrangement

2)DJS does not have a 64 sec sample limit.

3)DJS' internal memory does not write, READ ONLY.

4)No fancy Dave Smith filters.

5)If space is a problem, the DJS is fatter and taller than the flat Toraiz. Its actually 12% smaller than an MV8800 :shock:

Other than those differences, may be more, I really love this sampler, perfect for the Boom Bap. Yes its limited but I enjoy sampling and churning out beats to nod to. Will not replace the MPC Live though, DJS-1000 is built for DJing and mixing while Live is a full production tool, apples and tomatoes imo.

Final verdict:If you got money to burn or selling old gear for something new, the DJS-1000 will not disappoint a seasoned veteran of the 16 pads. However, if you looking for an essential device for your production and limited to funds, save up for an MPC Live instead because the DJS will be limited for you in the lab.
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By Ill-Green Sun Dec 24, 2017 5:12 pm
Well forget my above post. Read it if you like for some good irony of this post.

I really like the DJS now! Holy **** its a bucket of gems! As I use it more, the more easy it becomes and then new things appear you probably missed the first ****. I didn't see it at first, I was blinded by its Live Sampling marketing, but this is a worthy opponent against the MPC Live and Akai better **** worry and get off the weird **** they like doing. This is a fast and liquidity sampler built like a CDJ so samples can be timestretched or pitch tuned over a beat, and in realtime! Though catered to DJs, if you do Hip Hop, then this is a piece of heaven. Magic, just pure magic what Pioneer has created. I can definitely say the Live will take a hiatus.

I actually was going to buy a Toraiz SP16 at first but then the Live and X were announced so I went with the Live. Then I bought a Digitakt as a companion to the Live but that let me down. Then one day, I read cockdiesel's enthusiasm on the Toraiz 16 and it made me thought maybe that was the one I should've bought in the first place. So I pm'd cockdiesel to inquire me more about it, helluva guy too and checks things out for you. I became set on copping one and I sold the Digitakt. When Paypal sent the funds, I noticed Pioneer released a new sampler (DJS-1000) and everyone calling it a Toraiz in a CDJ. I had a couple 20%off coupons from MF and decided to cop the latest for just $345 out of my pocket. This was to replace the Digitakt mind you, which made me sold an Electribe2 and two SPs in that time. Now this DJS might replace the MPC altogether. Oh **** is all I can say, oh **** I cheated and now in love with the side dish. Oh ****!
By Cockdiesel Sun Dec 24, 2017 7:17 pm
it’s going to be interesting what the future brings.

There are a lot of naysayers for both the pioneer and Akai product line right now. They have issues, but are really changing the hardware market.

It’s crazy the potential just one of the machines, a usb stick and an iPhone offer these days.
By d2ba Mon Jan 15, 2018 8:59 am
i want one ---What is max sample time per sample for DJS? 64 sec sample limit i assume.? what is max length per sample for playback --can i use it like a CDJ to play a complete 10 minute tune on a usb (a wave file longer than 64 secs)
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By Ill-Green Mon Jan 15, 2018 12:14 pm
Nah just 32 seconds, but if these things gonna be compatible with the Toraiz SP-16, then I assume an update is in the pipeline because Toraiz' 64 second samples will be cut in half on the DJS.

I have used its recorder to resample some parts and unfortunately that too is a 32 second limit so nothing beyond that can be played from a USB as an audio file. Its CDJ-like but not a CDJ.
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By Ill-Green Thu Jan 18, 2018 12:17 am
OK, just got some inside news from a DJ sponsored by PIONEER, sorry can't say his name to protect his identity and keep his job. He confirms Pioneer are implementing the 64 second sample limit to the DJS-1000 right now as I type this. :-D :worthy: