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By 211 Thu Sep 06, 2018 7:32 pm
hey Fre$hBreath,
SCSI2SD is the best option if you own the scsi expansion card. It works perfectly on my asr-x pro. 2go max per partition, Mac/Pc friendly ms dos FAT format. You'll have to find the right adapter cables to plug scsi2sd externally.

I don't own any floppy emulator, but *it seems it could work*. Installation will be smarter than scsi2sd as it will fit easily inside. But you'll don't benefit of large volume, and stick to floppy file management limitations : floppy speed and deal with 1.44Mo partitions, even if on the X, you can save long samples on multiples floppies.
By Fre$hBreath Sat Sep 22, 2018 5:48 am
Much thanks for your reply!

I'm still struggling to understand how this works. Is there anyway you can please make a quick video to show me how this works?

I'm currently entertaining the idea of going from my external Zip Drive's SCSI to 25 pin parallel cable which I would then hook up to a 25 pin parallel to USB adapter which I will connect to a USB to USB 3.0 coupler that will link to a IDE/SATA hard drive/SSD dock.

I'm not sure if this will work, but it's what I can easily find and understand. If you can please make a video so I can see the process that would be greatly appreciated...
By 211 Wed Sep 26, 2018 7:11 am
I'll try to send you photos at least.
Actually it doesn't work, as I share the same SCSI2SD V6 with an Emu e5000. (on different scsi ID )
I ordered a SCSI2SD V5.1, to plug it exclusively on the ARSX pro (externaly first, because internally is not so easy)

## edit 2018-09-27 ##
## The following procedure works with scsi2sd V6 ##

What you need, and need to know :
• 1 usb cable + power adapter to power up the device :
Some samplers supply power via scsi ribbon cable, as the Emu. Asr-x don't.

• You need an adapter to add an scsi plug on the back of the scsi2sd
Scsi2sd is '50-way' or '50-pin', try to find something that fits to your cable : DB25 (iomega zip size), Centronic (big scsi-1 size)..
For example, something like that ... ts_id=1290

• A box to fit scsi2sd inside. You can find 3d printed boxes online, I used a wood box.

• An sd card. 8gb will be perfect as you'll can't format partition >2go

Connect SCSI2D to your mac/pc to setup 4 2gb virtual drive
Take care to not use the same scsi ID on your ASR and the 4 virtual drive
Plug scsi2sd to ASRx via you cable
Power up Scsi2sd first always
Power up ASRx
Go to disk preferences
Format each SCSI id
It works.

## edit detailed behaviour with V6

Now (with scsi2sd v6),
when connecting the scsi2sd board to your Mac/pc via USB, the 4 virtual drives will mount on your desktop.
the sd card will be readable/writable on your Mac/pc, as it's FAT32 formated.
By 211 Fri Nov 09, 2018 6:52 pm
Excellent ! It works well, but take care time to time to make some backups on your computer.
On my pro, os 3.04, I notice it can open .EFE and .EFA, ensoniq EPS and ASR10 programs. Just drop them on your SD card.