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By inconsequential_circuits Wed Oct 17, 2018 10:36 am
I got one of these & replaced the screen with new OLED and floppy with GoTek modified floppy emulator (sold on eBay specifically for the Emax I model).

I am uncertain of how to implement jumper settings and think the floppy cable must be more correct in the direction that leads to “Please Insert Disk!!” on Emax screen than the direction that won’t make it past “Loading Software.”

That said, I still can’t use this keyboard. I bought a SD card that had all the soundsets/OS from France- this drive is USB, didn’t work with an adaptor or copying to USB drive.

The drive is HxC software, which I downloaded the desktop version but have no idea how to use. I have found files for autoboot and dsk and emaxos.emx and all the soundsets (.hfe i think is correct for this format).

The seller sent me a link to a full drive image to put on the drive- it works for seeing files, but they won’t load to Emax. Not sure about the jumpers like I said.

He said the green LED on the floppy emulator is reading and red LED is writing... there are three buttons (not two like I have seen on other models)... i think they are for scrolling right/left and select, maybe if the drive could talk to Emax correctly the sounds would be loading.

It’s a mess- can anybody help me? Should I chuck the emulator and try to track down old floppies? I got one with the Emax SE upgrade when I first got the machine with original drive and it never worked. I also have an Emulator IV rack unit I haven’t got running yet (hopefully will be easier when I get cable for SCSI to ZipDrive (I have all the old sounds on a couple of zip disks and at least the OS is built into the machine on that model).

Thanks!!!! :Sigh: