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By tapedeck Tue Nov 13, 2018 8:42 pm
one for the electroheads...
autechre have made public their backup and production files for the 2008 quaristice tour. i saw them on that tour and it was great...they can be pretty heady/weird on record, but for that tour they just went straight nasty beats.

the sysex files for elektron machinedrum and monomachine:
the program, sequence, and sample files for mpc 1000 (jjos1):
the patches for the nord modular g2:
a setlist / how to guide for hardware routing, set progression, and bpm:

all this was found on their bleep/warp store in 4 '-' links at the bottom left of the page.

(not my video - but this is a great demo of the elektron aspects of the set)

have fun :mrgreen:

AeLive08 Set List

MIDI Routing: MachineDrum out to MonoMachine in. MonoMachine thru to MPC1K inA. MPC1K outA to NMG2 in. (BS3X out1 to MPC1K inB).

Audio Routing: MonoMachine outC/D to MachineDrum extinA/B.

Elektrons: Do not use Song Mode, use Pattern Mode only. MachineDrum: Do not use Classic Mode, use Extended Mode only.

Nord Modular G2 Patches: Load performance folder first, then load patchfile, enable Perf Mode.

Nord Modular G2 MIDI: MIDI chan 1-4 = Slot 1-4, CC: receive & send, PC: receive & send.

MPC1K OS: Do not use AkaiOS, use JJOS1 only. Load programs folder first, then load sequences file.

MPC1K MIDI: Active track receive channel: ALL, Soft Thru: AS TRACK.

MPC1K SYNC: Sync in:1 (Slave), MODE: MIDI Clock.

MPC1K Sliders Q1 & Q2: NMG2 Track/Active Slot: Q1 = CC#7 Volume 0-127, Q2 = CC#70 Patch Variant 1-8

AeLive08 Sync

Elektron Pattern BPM MPC Sequence MPC Mutes
A01 - MM/SPS 142 pref. 01 A_SHstRipRok_2br [SHstripl + build to SHstrock]
A02 - SPS fades in 02 A_SHsubzPlc_4br [SHubwafLo + build SHsubRave + build]
A04 - 03 A4_SHdufDyn_4br [SHzDufduf gseAx + build]
A06 - 04 A6_SHpowDyn_6br [SHztrZpow gsedynXD gseX + build]
A07 - 05 A7_SHthudLyte_6br
A09 - 06 A9_SHstbRve_12br [GseSubRve gselyteX build + SHstubKix]

A11 - acid twangbass 07 A11_SHshrtRX_4br [SHstuffle SHstamma gseXd SHstukix fizpAtc#7-1]

A13 - 08 A13_SHrveFiz_8br [SHstubble Tik Kix fizPAdc#8 build + fizPadX#8]

B01 - bash clapsnr 148bpm 09 B1_Numpeed_4br begin [pow bbubwub numpeed#1 + build]
larry pads fade up
B07 - 150bpm 09 [nmPeeHi#5

B13 - larry pads dry 09 [VasTabxA build + VastXYZ#1]

C01 - beat drop 157 pref. 10 C_VastXYZ_8br begin [vastXYZ#1]
C02 - 10 [vastXYZ+mod]

C05 - bass drop tiktokklank 160 10 [MUTE ALL]

C09 - extra snrclp 11 [ fade + vastnuA,B,C]

C13 - breakversion 11 [all vastnuABC]

C16 - basswells
D01 - bassline steppin 11 CD_VastABCDX_8br [DaeXA1-3 vastnuABC]

D06 11 [DxPeng#4]

D08 11 [DaXstab#4 builds + VastXpads]
D09 - 12 DE_VaXtErm90_8br [vastXpaCC A ShrnegDXX builds + B,C]

D13 - stutterbass 12 [vastXpaCC D]
D14 - rave verver 12 [vastXpaCC D 9010beats]
D16 - 12 [9010beats ermpow]

E01 - 12 [9010beats ermpow +VAR ermpHats]

E06 - last years drop. 13 E6_Ermdub90_8br [MUTE ALL]

E09 - building RAMsmashup 13 [ermAUXpow +VAR ermpHats 901wetHiQ ShrnegDXX]

E13 - E16 brief puzzlechords 168 13 [ermAUXpow#8+VAR build + ermoixD#1-A#2]

F01 - hyper carusel 17 F1_90101_SH_24br begin [ermAUXpow#6 ermoixXA+D#7]
F06 - key up hyper 17 [build + 901Sttracd ermoixXB+C#8]
18 F8_90101_lp_4br [901Sttracd acidshatr +]

F09 - lowdub held arpeg 170-180 20 F9_SteelzNu_4br [Sofcry build + bashStik, bashKik]
F14 - class keys 21 F14_SteelXNu_8br [Stls... Kik nuTapcryX build + Ktune]
F16 - hi class keys 23 G_SteelNnG_8br [StlsSludg Xtune NungMa,bX#8 build + NungMa-dXCC ]

G01 - newend 23 [StlsTik StlsStik StlsSludg + NunGXX#8]
G05 - fastripbasslinedyn 23 [StlsStik StlsSludg NunGXX#8]
G09 - fizripfrumpbassline 23 [StlsStik StlsTik NunGmrl#1-4]
G13 - 23 [NunGmrl#5]

H01 - dubland, mungbasswire 25 H_NunHmer_8br [NungH#567]

H09 - binbanbin808 25 [NungHrl#7 HastHrm#1-5]

H10 - H16 25 [HstHr#567 meHltrn NungHrl#7]
25 [HstHr#8(dry fx) sloH1,2,3trn]