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By sing-modulator Thu May 09, 2019 3:54 am
Hello, I recently got an Akai s20, and it seems to be missing one of the rom chips, the AM27C256-150D. There is one labelled "S20 (1) V1. 01" and the chip code is AM27C010-120DC. The record volume pot is also busted. Do you know how I could replace this chip? Does it need to be flashed with OS? Thanks!
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By mr_debauch Thu May 09, 2019 7:34 am
i wonder why someone would remove that. i can't remember seeing those sold on sites like ebay, but there are more places these days with guys who flash eproms with OS updates and sell them... you see them for loads of other machines regularly. I would see if by chance anyone has the latest OS chips (don't know the version number exactly) for sale. not sure which version mine has either (and i am not sure that the remix 16 or s01 takes the same OS)

volume pot seems fairly straight forward to find..

how much did that set you back if i may ask? I got my remix 16 back when people didn't want them.. and s20 a few years ago by a guy who had it for years in a box from back when he made music with hardware in the 90's.