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By CharlesRandolph Sat May 11, 2019 9:16 pm
This is interesting. It's a modular controller, that holds up to 32 spaces. it has the following.

• Pot Module: 270° rotary potentiometer (1x1 position)
• Pad Module: Pressure sensitive Pad with customizable RGB Led (1x1 position)
• 2 Buttons Module: 2 toggle on/off Pads with customizable RGB Led (1x1 position)
• Encoder Module: Infinite Encoder with mappable Push button and Green Led Ring (1x1 position)
• Slider Module: 60mm travel linear potentiometer (1x3 position)
• Blank Module: For covering the empty spaces on the case (1x1 position)

It's a kick stater as of now for $285 US and ships November 2019. I'm not sure how much each modular piece will cost separately or how long they will last. Also it's not a stand alone unit, so it must be tether to a computer. If they could, sell the modular parts for a good price and make Mine S a standalone unit. They could really create a sustainable, new market for controllers.

The concept is good and it has many different applications. Live, Music Productions, Lighting, and Photo/Video Editing. I would still need some kind of hands on interactions, to determine the build quality and overall feel of it. As a wish list request: I would say, create a Mine S with that can hold Sixth-Four modules, that way the end user wouldn't have to buy two of them.

Over Rating: Wait to See, unless you're feeling adventurous.



By Cockdiesel Sat May 11, 2019 11:01 pm
If it's class compliant this thing could be pretty cool for Ios users. Agree standalone would sell a lot better especially if it had cv out.
By CharlesRandolph Sun May 12, 2019 12:41 am
Found this video from 2016, which shows more about it. In the video is shows how two units can be linked together. As well as showing two models: The Mine 64 modules and Mine S is 32 modules. Also shows how the software works. I've seen some demo's but I really want to see how the unit and modules holds up to finger drumming.

As far as CV: Perhaps a MIDI to CV out converter will work?

Video from 2016
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By Wormhelmet Sun May 12, 2019 2:04 am
That looks pretty slick actually. I use a doepfer midi to cv converter that’s pretty configurable. Kenton 1 in, 5 out active midi thru box and I hang the doepfer unit off one of the thru’s