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By Riva Lima Fri Apr 02, 2021 7:53 pm
Hello, I hope everyone is doing well ... I have a little problem, I have a W-30 where the old display from year to year, makes me buy a new foil, and the brightness is not as good as an LCD, of course .. So on a specific page on W-30, I came across a project for replacement, using a display sold by Buydisplay, and it seems to be a specific configuration, according to the drawing below ... so I, in my desire to repair the keyboard and to install this new display, I bought the same one on aliexpress, and apparently identical, were it not for a specific detail ... in buydisplay, pins 1, 2, 3 respectively, we have the values ​​GND, GND, VCC ... while in display sold in China, we have respectively FGND, VSS, VCC ... any configuration so that the display in China works equally with the Buydisplay display? For note, when I turned on my W-30, the display did not turn on, and I ended up discovering that pin 2 on the display was shorting pin 2 on the W-30 board! then when you disconnect it, the display lit up. The pins 21,22 of the display are powered by the 5v pulled from a part of the keyboard, this is just a detail ... because even when lit, no character is shown! Any ideas on how to fix this? Or do I really need to buy a new display on Buydisplay? I expect an answer :))))