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By MarkWolbirgh Fri Jul 15, 2005 12:26 pm
Saw this @ another forum...maybe this is Pete Rocks secret?

You can get an SP1200 blown-out to have 30 secs of sampling time. very few people actually know how to do this. it's risky to get it done if you dont have the money to replace your machine. the wrong person can damage the machine and there are no guarentees.

By earwolf Fri Jul 15, 2005 12:34 pm
that sounds like the usual BS from someone on the crack bottle

there are heads on here who can squeeze 15 seconds out of a stock sp but it would seem that if they told anyone they would have to kill them

By Kilowax Fri Jul 15, 2005 12:47 pm
maybe this is Pete Rocks secret?

Yeah! and we hold it for him :lol: :lol: !

By elmacaco Fri Jul 15, 2005 1:26 pm
I don;t think it'a likely, there are ways to get more memory by piggybacking memory chips, you can see that inside the linn 9000 when they upgrade them, but I doubt the SP OS would address it un less serious modifications were done.

Oh and MarkW, when you quote somebody, put their name there so we can ask them further or know the reliability of it. If rohan said it it would be different than if anyone else did, and I know he didn;t say that shyt.

By earwolf Fri Jul 15, 2005 2:31 pm


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By djdynasty Fri Jul 15, 2005 2:40 pm
I would sign one as well.....LOL :wink:
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By Lo Pass Filter Fri Jul 15, 2005 4:28 pm
Sample at 45 bpm gets 19.6 seconds.

As for the memory chip upgrade, it's all hype. Unless Pete had his SP modified right away in the early 90's. Reason being, my man Rob is the fu*king man with the master plan in respects to everything E-mu.. and well, he flew all the way to japan to search for the OS schematics. If he woulda found them, 3.5", zip, and memory galore coulda been introduced, but, he came up short like elves. No OS schematics = no upgrades for SP.. EVER.

Phil Collins had a modded 12 turbo with a 3.5" drive and OS 8.3. Thats the only known OS modded SP i've ever heard of.
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By monogee Fri Jul 15, 2005 6:18 pm
Let a Brother know where he can get this done. I've the Mintiest SP1200 you've ever seen. :D

By elmacaco Fri Jul 15, 2005 6:35 pm
DIg brother, dig.
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By the average man Fri Jul 15, 2005 6:44 pm
Lo Pass Filter wrote:
Phil Collins had a modded 12 turbo with a 3.5" drive and OS 8.3. Thats the only known OS modded SP i've ever heard of.

from the sound on sound readers ads:

Samplers : Emu SP12 TURBO Previously owned & customized by Phil Collins to add filter switches, midi sample dump and 5 seconds memory. Also with Commodore 1541mkII drive.
£900ono. (London) 25/06/05
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By Lo Pass Filter Fri Jul 15, 2005 11:56 pm
Hmmm, it's possible thats the infamous one. But I think it's extremely suspect. Ask the what OS it's running.. Just causally say, it's got 2.6 OS correct? If they yes, it's just a filter moded 12-turbo, not Collins!
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By MarkWolbirgh Sat Jul 16, 2005 8:07 am
Lord Toranaga wrote:easiest way to doub;e your sample time for the sp1200.

buy another one.

smartass :evil:

*unzips torangas pants* :twisted:

By Lord Toranaga Sat Jul 16, 2005 8:23 am
I wasn't trying to be a smart ass.

muggs used 5 of them chained together
I saw professor griff perform using 4 of them
the bomb squad used multiple sp's
my homeboy uses 2 of them with an asr10

If you really love that sound, or if you want stereo samples, this is your only option. It is safer than having somebody try to mod it, and cheaper too. If that was even possible.

there is a program for old mac computers called alchemy. This program communicates with sp, very well. You can sample @ 45+8, and use alchemy to pitch the sample back down. This sound better than pitching down in the sp.

Th sp1200 has a unique sound. If you desire this sound, then you have to pay the tax.

I am going to cop one this spring. I even budgeted to send it to forat, for a custom job
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By drumat!c Sat Jul 16, 2005 3:56 pm
Organized Konfusion used x2 Sp1200's.....they each owned their own.