Discuss Akai's iOS apps iMPC & iMPC Pro
By Sprocket504 Wed Mar 08, 2017 2:00 am
If someone who has had or is having this issue with iMPC Pro, please help.

I watched the YouTube Tutorial on transferring your programmed drums & samples from the iPad to the MPC software on the computer. Everything was fine except the points where I chopped my samples didn't save. I tried saving my samples as a program and so forth. In the end, I ended up with the same result.

After several tries, I read some of the comments and apparently, another user was having the same issue. The user told Retronyms about the issue and their reply was, "we've received many complaints about this issue and we're working on an update to correct it". The post was over 6 months old. I have a ton of tracks on this program that need to be exported and mixed. Trying to go back & rechop those samples again is like asking Outkast to recreate Aquemini.

Does anyone know if there will be any updates to correct this issue or the new MPC software will have this resolved? Please help, my head hurts thinking about this. Thank you.
By DieM_Flood Sun Jul 09, 2017 2:31 pm
I'm looking for the same workaround. I was so disappointed when none of my sample pgms were transferred over. I pray that Retronyms does something about this asap. But I'm not too optimistic.
By coolderb Fri Jul 14, 2017 3:04 am
Retronyms has finally addressed and fixed this bug. They just released a release candidate Beta today that has the fix.

The workaround had/has been to manually select each chop and select "discard ends" prior to saving the kit and Exporting to MPC Desktop.

We should no longer have to do that once the update is released.