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By Thebassslave Tue Feb 08, 2022 12:18 pm

Recently bought an MPC live 2 to use with my band and for solo stuff. With the band its working well. I use midi channels to go between pre selected patches set up on the MPC. But I'm struggling to use it with backing/ accapellas. I've bounced down my studio productions to a single backing track, with the intent to use the looper function to record live loops (2/4/8 bars) and bounce these to the pads to continually play and manipulate, unless muted out. No matter which way I try and do it, it doesn't quite work out for me. I can import the backing to an AUDIO track, and increase my bar length in sequence to play the whole track (the only way I've worked out how to play the entire track without looping just the first section). But if I then go to the looper I cannot record in sync (ie a repeating 4 bar loop, ready to send to pads). Deselecting sync in the looper will activate the record function, but then I cannot loop over X bars. The audio gets recorded exactly where it was played in the song. The only way I could think to do it would be to chop up each section into 8 bars and then set each as separate sequence and create a song from multiple sequences but there must surely be a better way to do this? The only other way might be to get another piece of hardware to run the backing track, keeping the sequence loop length set to 4/8 bars to make use of the looper function. But there must be a way to do this with the MPC stand alone? Any help appreciated!
By Thebassslave Sat Feb 12, 2022 8:03 pm
Hey. I found the solution that works for me. I found that putting my backing track on a clip, then setting it to a one shot will do this. -You can start the song on pressing the pad, and the sequence loop length can be whatever you need. -Perfect! If like me you want to use the live looper, set up an additional pad program with a note right at the start, for all pads. You can then bounce any loops that your happy with to your desired pad. I'm using a MIDI keyboard so in addition I set up my sounds and keyboard preferences to individual midi channels on the MPC ( remember to record enable all the tracks!). -This way I can scroll through the sounds (=midi channels) and record at the press of the record button for my loop length, then bounce this to the pre configured pad program mentioned earlier. -Hope this helps anybody else that wants to work a similar way!