Share tips, tricks, gear set ups and videos relating to the use of MPCs in live performances including MPC finger drumming, MPC scratching, using MPCs with decks, computers and other instruments.
By jimmywhitetrix Thu Mar 04, 2004 11:24 am
hello all. congrats on a very informative forum.
Does anyone use their MPC live and in what ways?
I am a drummer and have been experimenting with playing to a click along side the mpc. (i have the 8 outout board installed)
But when it comes to actually interacting with the sequence, ie muting/unmuting channels I have been having problems. I use a roland spd6. So I can send midi data to the mpc using a drumstick hit, but are there Control Change messages to mute and unmute channels? can I stop start sequences by hitting a pad?

Are there otherways of live sequencing that I haven't explored? I use a Virus onstage and a mackie 1604, So often resort to manipulation of the mpc NOT from behing the kit but from behind the units themselves

any help appreciated :lol: