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By quietizkept Mon Apr 16, 2018 3:49 am
Has anyone been able to get the MPC plugin & hardware to control transport in Sonar Platinum or Cakewalk?
The Hardware/Transport setting in the MPC software running as a plugin disappeared several versions ago. I had been using MPC software as a plugin in Harrison Mixbus with, running MMC out to AkaiPro Internal Midi, and choosing the same in Mixbus. 2.0 broke this functionality. You can select AkaiPro Internal Midi as the midi out, but it doesn't work, and if you leave that page in settings and come back it reverted back to <none>. I'd been using Jack audio to run both softwares in standalone, which is a huge pain.

Now Sonar Platinum & Cakewalk are free, so I gave them both a whirl. Now, in the MPC settings in plugin mode, The midi outs all say <daw> and if you change them, they'll revert to <none> if you leave and come back. I've tried leaving them on <daw> and tried all the available midi inputs in Sonar, but none make the transport controls work.

Any insight would be highly appreciated.

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By quietizkept Thu Apr 19, 2018 2:10 pm
If anyone else needs the info, you have to set the MPC up as an ACT controller, and map STOP and PLAY or PLAY START then it behaves basically as expected. This video explains how to do that:

No idea how it works mapped as an ACT controller AND also as it normally does to control the MPC software but it works!