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By gunnar1104 Tue May 15, 2018 4:29 am
Hi folks,

First time post here, I’ve been trying to figure this out today. I’ve been using the MPC 2.0 software instatiated within Pro Tools. I’ve written a midi performance with a drum program for a tune, and am ready to export the audio into individual stems within Pro Tools.

I’ve done this by exploding the individual pads/samples into their own tracks in MPC 2.0, then I’ve used the ‘Export Audio’ feature to drag those stems into Pro Tools. However, I’ve noticed that these exported stems sound different than if they’re playing through the MPC software. They sound more like raw samples (even though pad-specific effects like reverbs and delays remain intact).

As a workaround, I’ve actually recorded/bounced the output of the MPC software inside Pro Tools while soloing the individual pads/samples, which gives me a perfect match. But it does take a good while longer.

Does anyone know why this occurs and if I have any control of it? Does using the ‘Export Audio’ feature bypass inserts on drum programs or the stereo out of the MPC software?
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By Lampdog Tue May 15, 2018 8:24 pm
When you export you are exporting ALL the current effects as permanent maybe?

When you play them again in the same software/hardware aren't the effects doubled?
It would sound way different.

I turn off all effects before exporting. Then turn them back on when I have my samples back in there. Everything will play nicely, no doubled effects.

Do you think that may be the problem?