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By jamesbowers Wed Jun 12, 2019 3:05 am
I’m a noob and I am having an issue not just with my MPC software but randomly I’ve noticed that my settings like sound selection in vsts are not being saved when I save a set. Am I missing something? This really makes things difficult if your building multi layered sounds or in the case of my MPC drum pad sets. I never had these type of issues in reason. I’m really taken back by this simple task. I shouldn’t have to save sound banks and all of that because the daw should be doing that.
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By Monotremata Wed Jun 12, 2019 4:36 am
You're talking about like the patches you have selected on your VST instruments right? Im on a Mac so I dont know if that helps or not but. Just opened Absynth 5 in a song, selected a patch, saved the song and closed/reopened it and that patch was still ready to go. Tried it with both the Audio Unit and the VSTi just to be sure.

The VST takes a second longer to open here but with the VST at least the preset drop down box works in the channel strip and shows you what patch its on. It doesn't with the AU version.

Give an example of exactly what it is thats going wrong one of us can try and do it and see if its your system or the software itself.. I dont know if there's a whole bunch of folks here using the software but Im using it just about every single day at home while Im outta work hehe.