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By elgrayso Wed Jan 22, 2020 10:32 pm
I read the MPC Tutor article about how to build expansions. It was an awesome amount of information put together really well.

My only question is in regards to the folder structure. In the example folder, basically all the files, samples, xpms etc are all in one main folder. Then there is also a sub folder of the [Previews] in that folder also.

My question is, do All the files need to be loose in this main folder? Or would it still work if I had my kits in individual sub folders?

Example folder structure:

My Expansion Files:
- [Previews]
- Awesome Kit
- Crazy Kit
- Spooky Kit
- Zebra Kit
— zebra snare.wav
— zebra kick.wav
— zebra hat.wav
— Zebra Kit.xpm