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By giroskitsoo Tue Mar 24, 2020 4:05 am
Hi, i need to know how i can make the loop start at a point before the start of the sample. i don't believe i can do what i need with the x fade or i dont understand how it works. but what i need to do is have a drum loop, not a sequence an audio drum loop that i can have the exact same loop going but have different start points to trigger it from on the pads so i can flip the loops around as they play. i cant for the life of me understand why i cant just do it as i have said it, on the mpc 2000 and 2000xl all i had to do was set the loop point and the start point wherever i wanted. please this has been driving me crazy as a lot of what i like to do is based in this. any help or advice or anything would be appreciated.
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By 83dude Fri Mar 27, 2020 6:53 am
You could use chop mode for setting start points for different pads. Since overlapping markers are OK, you just need to do the following:
- select chop mode (not trim mode)
- set markers for your pads, e.g. by hitting pad A1 (this‘ll set the start marker for A1 to 0samples), the loop‘ll run and you hit the following pads around the time you want the chops to start
- when done, remove the end markers for each slice
- convert

Pages 149 and following of the manual are pretty thorough about explaining it... :nod: