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By ill_Nabeel Mon Sep 14, 2020 11:16 pm
I recently bought some new plugins from Waves including Ovox and some of the Abbey Roads plugins. I bought the Horizon bundle about 3-4 months ago, had them installed and had issues with them then, because of the whole shell2vst issue. I did get it sorted and was able to install and use the plugins in the MPC software.

After buying the new Waves plugins, I used the same process as I had for the first bundle pack I bought, put it through the shell2vst command which converted them all to vst format. I should mention that all of the plugins and my Waves Central are updated to V11.

Now when I search for my plugins in the MPC software, the new ones show up no problem, but the plugins from the Horizon bundle fail when executing a plugin scan.

Does anyone have experience with this or have the issue solved? My computer is fully up to date and have all of the system requirements.

I keep trying different things, moving folders around, rescanning, even deleted and reinstalled the plugins. When I ran them through the shell2vst command, to create the actual vst format for these plugins, they all ran through smoothly, including both old and newly purchased plugins, but I get the same outcome in the MPC software.