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By dimjon Tue Jan 23, 2024 4:47 pm
Is there a possibility to insert a plugin that modifies MIDI notes? I could only find plugins that modify the Audio signal.
What I'm trying to do: Modify MIDI notes from the piano roll before they are sent to an external device, such as Transpose all notes, assign each note a velocity and duration not regarding their "original" values in the piano roll. Do you have any ideas?
By dimjon Tue Jan 23, 2024 9:35 pm
Yes, this looks like what I am looking for. Thanks a lot for the hint! So this might be a hardware fallback.
Still, it would be awesome to have some basic MIDI processing built into MPC.
Cubase for example comes with some midi modifiers, and it seems to me easier to do than an audio processor, from a cpu load perspective.
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By Telefunky Mon Feb 12, 2024 12:52 pm
I‘ve only recently checked this one for it‘s audio routing capabilities, and noticed it‘s extensive midi control features. Some very sophisticated (interactive) control functions that otherwise would require dedicated programming.
Worth checking the demo, which seems unrestricted (you can even save).
Just note the small on/off button on the right side of the window‘s top bar... it took me a couple of hours to figure out why the patches didn‘t work :Sigh: :mrgreen: