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By Lewsidius Thu Dec 20, 2018 4:02 pm
Hi Guys
I have searched high and low on forums and youtube for 2 days since I got my Studio black and its been a hair pulling experience.
I have not really found my luck, forgive me if this is something already covered.

My issue is the expansion banks are not coming up or displaying proper.
I dont know whats wrong.

As you can see they display here in Extension manager

But not in the actual software on the top right

All it recognizes is the trap and house kit... But not the 809, the bank, Hybrid 3, the noise and the wub

I have placed the Drum content in this folder and it finally showed up

What I have tried so far is: initially I installed MPC 2 (newest one downloaded from the site)
Then I uninstalled and tried installing the original MPC ver.1 (that came with the MPC, off the site)

When the ver.1 software was installed it didnt recognize the other kits but it at least organized the folders properly in my media browser. when I upgraded it to the ver. 2 it but everything in the drum content folder ended up in one large folder in the media browser no seperated by the legacy folders or anything. Just one big mess

Does anyone have an idea of what is wrong :worthy:
Its been driving me nuts

Thanks so much in advance!
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By MPC-Tutor Thu Dec 20, 2018 4:34 pm
the 809, the bank, Hybrid 3, the noise and the wub are plugins, not sample expansions. You'll only see sample expansions in the media browser (that's the browser in your screenshot). They should however show in the expansion browser though ('X' shortcut).

Understandable mistake though, it's not exactly obvious that there's a difference. IMO Akai should just call them 'plugins' and drop them from the expansion browser. You can browse their patches from the plugin's GUI interface, so no need to view them in the expansion browser at all.
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By Lewsidius Thu Dec 20, 2018 8:33 pm
Thanks so much for the clarification! Do you know by chance how I can organize the legacy library sounds by chance? I just want to make em individually separated and organized. They went all in one big folder after I upgraded to ver 2

Thanks again!!!