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By SimplySebas Mon Jan 07, 2019 6:37 am
Hey , guys I'm having a problem with my mpc x software when using as a plug-in in Logic Pro x. The problem occurs when the mpc plug-in window is opened and I'm doing edits or just viewing midi data and I press the space bar key on my keyboard(global command for play) , logic doesn't respond to the command. I have to either close the mpc window or select logic in order to get the space bar command to playback the sequence. This occurs only when the mpc window is opened all other plugins including NI Maschine works fine in similar situations. Although playback will not start when I press the spacebar on the keyboard while the mpc window is opened there's no problem starting from the mpc x hardware. Having to close the mpc window or selecting logic to get the spacebar to playback the sequence is just a hassle breaks the creative flow when doing edits.
Please advise me of a solution for this playback dilemma.