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By Eightysix69 Sat Jan 19, 2019 4:22 pm
I rarely use my MPC Ren or Studio Black because one, my main DAW is Ableton and two, it has so many issues which cause much frustration and I get along fine with my 2KXL and many other hardware instruments in Ableton with no issues.

My question to whomever reads this is this: When you create a project in the software using external USB midi instruments, in my situation it's Roland boutiques, when you re-open that project later down the road, does the software remember what external USB devices were used?

For instance, I have a project that uses all external USB Midi instruments: SH-01A, TR-08, TR-09, JX-03.
When I open a project like this, say, a month later, the project does not recall what the instruments were on each of the tracks. I think the software is somehow clearing out all the USB Midi settings, as in which USB Midi instruments are enabled on the Midi out portion of the Midi Preferences menu for that project.

Even if the Preferences section is global, meaning they affect all MPC projects, I don't go into settings and add or remove the Boutiques from the Midi out section. They're all enabled, or supposed to be because I enabled them, all the time. But most of the time if it's been a couple weeks or more, those settings clear out on their own. Which means unless I took notes on what exact instruments I had on each track and go back in and adjust that every time I open that project which is a major PITA, I lose all that info. This, for me, makes the MPC Software totally useless, at least for using it to control external USB Midi instruments.

I think it could be that if I do not have all of the Boutiques powered on when I open the MPC software and create a new project, and I save that new project, the software will save the global settings without the instruments I'd enabled on previous projects. Again this is a pain in the a$$ and seems like something was overlooked in the software development. I shouldn't have to turn on and enable every USB Midi instrument I've used on every single project in the software, ever, to be able to recall that information at a later date.