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By SakisX Fri Mar 22, 2019 6:19 pm
While looking for used touch/ren on the net ,I came across to many cheap full licenses of 2.4 mpc versions thru iLock activation.
Is it safe buy to buy one? I just can't understand how it's possible to sell them at ~1/10 of the price.
Speaking with Akai ,it's possible to download the demo and activate thru iLock to get the free updates,
but I guess without having the code in your Akai account there will be no way to get a discount for upgrading to v3, unless I am wrong...
Also what happens if you have another iLock account . Can you switch between them and activate the software from both accounts to a single PC?
Your thoughts please, I am completely lost here!
By r4nd0m Fri Mar 22, 2019 9:13 pm
If I recall correctly not in front of my machine you get 2/2 licenses - you probably only need one - so you could sell one on ...
By SakisX Mon Mar 25, 2019 5:23 pm
r4nd0m wrote:If I recall correctly not in front of my machine you get 2/2 licenses - you probably only need one - so you could sell one on ...

2 licenses? Maybe you mean the iLock allows 2 activations ?
Anyway ,I wait for Akai to clarify if it's possible to upgrade iLock license and if so , will buy one.
I'll post back :)
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By Monotremata Wed May 08, 2019 1:12 am
Just curious if Akai ever got back to you on this? I own one of the MPDs so I have a license for Essentials, but bought one of these off Ebay when I saw em for $10 figuring if it gets blocked or something I can probably get a refund through either PP or Ebay.

These aren't single iLok activations, this is the whole unused iLok license. Each license gives you two activations and when I redeemed mine, the iLok software says I have the 2/2 available, just like the other handful of plugins in there, so the whole license is in fact mine. I noticed a bunch of different products (there are Dune 3 licenses everywhere) but those all said 'pre-authorized' which Im assuming means theyre suckering ignorant buyers into buying cracks. The MPC listings actually say iLok license in them.

But yeah, no way to register it to my account with Akai. The registration page wants a hardware serial number and my only option for MPC software anything is the upgrade option listed with my software downloads (which means I cant get any of the factory content for it).

I noticed the download links for the software that were sent with my iLok code are from a website who is in fact (at least appears to be) a legit distributor for Akai stuff and a bunch of other pro audio. Maybe these are employees who jacked a bunch of iLok codes or something?
By SakisX Fri May 31, 2019 1:10 pm
A bit late , but I did buy an iLock license on eBay and looks legit. I redeemed the code to my iLock account and noticed I had 2 activations left, nice! Updated to v2.5 without problems.
I am sure that on v3 I'll have to buy a new license ,but for the price I have no regrets :)
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By Monotremata Fri May 31, 2019 4:13 pm
Yeah it'll definitely need a new license for v3, but you would anyways (and knowing Akai it won't be free haha).

Mine worked great, I got to jump in head first with the software and learn my way around it, and last week I picked up a used Studio black off ebay so Im good to go now hehe. The thing that bothered me about the eBay licenses was the software itself. You're stuck with the email the ebay seller sends you with the links to the software (which are inmusic direct download links). Theres also people trying to charge extra for the content that comes with the license (the MPC Legacy content, drum loops, etc). When I bought the studio, first thing I did was try the serial at my account, and thank god the guy that I bought it from never used it haha. Im pretty sure the licenses are coming from either Inmusic or Splice employees that are just jacking them from work. All of the download links for the Akai stuff comes straight from Inmusic, and if you look at the seller I got mine from on eBay, all of his other auctions are for the titles you can 'rent to own' from Splice. All the AIR stuff, iZotope, the D16 stuff, etc.. Too bad he didn't have Pigments or Serum for $10 or I would've jumped on that one haha.

Now Ive got a legit v2 registered in my account, and there's all my expansions and content for me to download without worry. I actually deauthorized the ebay license, and unlocked the one from my account. Im giving my ebay one to an old friend so we can try to collaborate with it (he's one of them MV-8000 guys).