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By Mon Jul 29, 2019 8:59 pm

sorry in case it's a well-known fact, I just couldn't find the answer..:

In my studio I use a lot of hardware syths etc connected via MIDI interfaces to my DAW, usually running Cubase Pro 10. Since I got myself the MPC Live I obviously also got the MPC Software and am actually keen to give it more than a try. What bugs me though - can you really only assign 4 different MIDI output ports within the software? :shock:

In my setup I generally use 12 physical midi out ports, plus the ones from the MPC... only 4 usable..this can't be serious, can it?

Cheers Sven
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By Lampdog Mon Jul 29, 2019 10:29 pm
Please search around this situation. I think I can recall a few conversations about this being a problem with MPC software.
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By Tue Jul 30, 2019 9:48 pm

I did not find any information on this. But I got in touch with the support and got a reply as well. Seems there indeed is no chance to assign more than 4 physical MIDI output ports within the software as per current release.

Hope one day they'll change this for this MIDI Production Center software... :?

Cheers Sven
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By Monotremata Wed Jul 31, 2019 1:38 am
Wonder if its because the software and hardware are so closely tied together. They could just put a check in, 'Is this running standalone or on a computer?' and enable full on MIDI routing. Ive got an Emagic AMT8 plus 2 synths and 2 sequencers connected over USB too.. Need a bit more than that Akai. I didnt want to have to sample each synth just to use them all in a song.

Now that got me thinking.. I wonder if I can take incoming MIDI from a port in the AMT8 and copy it or send it to other ports internally.. I might be able to rig this to work. Set up port 8 so whatever comes in goes to ports 1-5 and just set port 8 up in the MPC. That way if I remember not to use port 8 I can still use Logic how I normally do too heh. I gotta go check the control panel app now!!
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By Wed Jul 31, 2019 11:02 am
Yeah, I thought the same (due to hardware) first, but then... you can buy the software itself and run it without any AKAI hardware connected. So it's actually really not a smart move to limit the output number to 4 (unless there is another reason for this). I'd actually suggest to buy the software to my friends if it was a bit more... capable to serve these requirements. Many people are using outboard gear again nowadays..

When running the MPC software as a plugin within Cubase of course you can make use of all the ports due to the fact that Cubase is in charge then. But do we really need to additionally run a 500 € software for this and end up with the need to create and safe multiple project files (Cubase and MPC) for one project that easily could have been done within MPC only (and then bounce the single tracks to keep working on them standalone)?

Well, guess the answer is yes :?
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By Wed Jul 31, 2019 3:02 pm
Just received a really kind message from the support team. They'll forward this topic to the developers to have it considered for future releases :). Of course you never know what actually will happen, but made me kinda happy to hear that. Let's see what future updates will bring.
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By Monotremata Wed Jul 31, 2019 7:24 pm wrote:Just received a really kind message from the support team. They'll forward this topic to the developers to have it considered for future releases :). Of course you never know what actually will happen, but made me kinda happy to hear that. Let's see what future updates will bring.

Im pretty sure theyre aware of it haha. Eliza and the support folks kinda repeat that like a broken record whenever someone asks about a feature thats not there. If you want to get it direct to the dev team, submit it in the MPC Software itself. Its one of the little buttons in the bottom right corner. It'll pop up a suggestion/bug report box, and just let em know what you want. I do it all the time when Im working in it, but alot of the times I think my requests for features end up sounding like 'JUST MAKE IT DO IT LIKE LOGIC DOES' hahaha.
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By Lampdog Thu Aug 01, 2019 3:56 pm
Cockdiesel wrote:

I have used 2 of these going out to 8 machines working in standalone just fine. any reason you need a port for every output?

Good solution.
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By Fri Aug 02, 2019 6:07 pm
This adapter is a cool device, thx for the hint!

But to be honest - why wouldn't I wanna use the hardware that I already got (two midi interfaces with dedicated ports) and especially why would I wanna rewire my stuff to a splitter just to use MPC when instead I can just use my Cubase. I don't see the need for workarounds when a simple advanced set of options in the software would totally do.

Anyway, I actually sent my feedback via the software at the same time as getting in touch with the support - so they should have received it.
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By Monotremata Fri Aug 02, 2019 6:32 pm
Whats the advantage to using that instead of just using the Thru ports on the synths themselves?? I know if you go more than 3 deep you can start to get delays in the MIDI data, does this fix that? Damn it, it just hit me right now looking at everything, I would HAVE to use one of those boxes. I was stoked I thought I could set it all up that way with just the gear I have. My drum machines and 2 of my Waldorfs have Thru ports (or outputs you can switch to Thru), but my Microbrute and Blofeld only have MIDI in or USB.. Those are the two synths that aren't rack mounted and are right here next to the MPC so they're the two I always grab first go figure.

The reason I like to have an in and out for every synth is the editors. If I were to leave everything hooked up to a Live or an X as the center of my studio, that MIDI interface would have to have full I/O for MIDI or I wouldn't be able to use my library or editors for the stuff. I can make patches on them just fine, but backing up and archiving is veeeery important to me. Plus, if you've got an input, you can record knob tweaks! Moving knobs on my Microwave (theres 44 on that ****!) or Blofeld is way more fun and 'musical' to me than using a mouse to play around with fader icons. Man what would be awesome, if they can pull off using class compliant USB interfaces in standalone mode, they should be able to throw in class compliant MIDI interfaces too!! Problem solved right there, if you need more than what the Live/X have, plug in a USB one and add another 1-8 right there!
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By Fri Aug 02, 2019 7:34 pm
Well, that's the thing - many of the modern / cheap synths only come with midi-in (such as the Volca series) and also a lot of the more vintage ones don't come with thru either. Class compliant option to connect an interface right to the MPC hardware of course also would be a nice feature, true ;) I'd still be happy if more ports would be available within the software only though :-D

Additionally I remember getting lots of drop-outs on heavy use of one port and more devices chained via in-thru-in-thru... Of course not for a few notes here and there, but e.g. if you use an old drum machine and hook your main synth to it etc.. then this might happen. I think my setup back then was a Roland/Boss DR-202 drum machine, a 303 clone with in/out/thru and that one connected to another synth. Et voila, hi hats dropping out in one, two... An at the time more experienced mate lol'ed when I complained about how comes I can't even get close to the promised 16 channels per cable before that.. :lol:
By Cockdiesel Fri Aug 02, 2019 7:57 pm
Well you have your workarounds until they fix the software for you. It’s a good request but the options offered shouldn’t dismissed as non solutions to the issue.