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By Ex Jon doe Mon Aug 05, 2019 12:18 am
So I'm one of those people that decided to ignore Akai when the 2.0 came out. Some time has passed now, have your workflow improved significantly with the current software? Are you happy you upgraded?

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By quietizkept Sun Aug 25, 2019 8:18 pm
It has a few more features, sure, but it broke one feature that is the bane of my existence. 7-8 different "support" employees were utterly lost about it. Akai support is grossly incompetent (& I have PAGES of proof), but I digress.

2.0 onward BROKE the MPC plugin's ability to route MIDI, MTC, & MMC where you might actually need it. It ambiguously only goes out to "DAW." Set it to anything else, and it reverts to "<none> when you return to that screen. Support couldn't even tell me, after repeated attempts, what I need to set my DAW (ANY DAW, I was willing to change) inputs to, in order to RECIEVE said signal. The obsolete, non-working instructions are STILL in the menu of 2.6 to this day! Pages & pages of utter incompetence in my email. The best I got is "This is how it works now." How, Sway? HOW TF DOES IT WORK, THEN?

I had to use the JACK Audio software to run between both MPC & my DAW(s) to achieve a basic advertised & paid for function that I would still have if I hadn't paid for the upgrade. JACK is a mind f*ck. Its instructions are obsolete as well, but at least it's free. Their free support beats Akai's hands down. So does Cakewalk's. And Harrison Mixbus'.

Sorry for the rant bro. Just be aware. I painted myself into a corner with 2.0 and couldn't really go back. The new features are superb, and the above is the only deal breaker I'm aware of.

Akai could heal my pain if they implemented REAL sidechaining, not that cheater plugin BS, and PDC. As it stands we can't even do proper parallel drum compression without serious phasing. Those two issues are with both versions. If they aren't a problem for you, 2.0 on is the t*ts. If you need MPC to run as a plugin in a real DAW, stay with

Again, sorry to get in my feelings. I was told a fix was in the pipeline more than a year ago, don't hold your breath. :|
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By Monotremata Mon Aug 26, 2019 5:36 pm
Man I wish I COULD do parallel drum compression even without PDC hah. Those 4 busses we get run out quick just using my usual 2 delay/2 reverb effects setup. No more busses for any track groups or anything to comp and twist. At least all the effects have a wet/dry knob but I still prefer sending it to its own bus or track and riding the level separate from the dry track.
By stefcien Sat Aug 31, 2019 11:41 am
I never even tried the separate MIDI outs inside my daw before switching to 2.0. I also would enjoy being able to have different MIDI channels coming into different tracks of the akai not just one master. Both of those issues are really **** for me.Other then that I think I'm ok with it. There is a serious delay using it as a plug in but thats because I havent updated my RAM. Also I'm using the Ren and every update I lose a type of hardware control ie plug in view etc. The Ableton track out feature is cool but honestly I dont use it, even as a big Ableton user. All said I know Akai is slowly pushing me out and I will HAVE to purchase the X or Live to stay in the game software-wise with them.
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By Monotremata Sat Aug 31, 2019 8:00 pm
Well technically you dont actually need the Renaissance to keep using it though.. I know that sucks when your hardware gets left behind (kinda like how the old Studio users had to pay for the update but I got it free with the black one), but the software itself will still keep going so you do have that. I kinda wanted to get a Ren for the extra controls (3 more rows of QLinks would RULE) but yeah now that it seems like its EOL, Ill just put that cash towards the Live/4000/5000/whatever..