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By BeatWilson Wed Aug 07, 2019 7:11 pm
Alright i know this isnt an ableton forum or anything but i know some of you guys use it.
Like i said in the title, I have an issue with my MPC Software running as a vst. It worked on my computer before but now i have re-installed everything with a clean slate and have run into this issue. I tried scanning it as a VST 2 and VST3. VST2 Crashes while it gets skipped while while searching for a VST3.

I have it scanning at C:/programfiles/steinberg/vstplugins/mpc64.dll

I think that should be the correct folder from before but now it just is not working at all. I have all my other VST's scanned and showing up so i dont know what the problem is right now.
Help a brother out someone. Thanks!