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By Monotremata Sun Aug 11, 2019 12:39 am
Ran into this the other day in case anyone else happens to have it happen..

Noticed since 2.6 the PEQ 2-Band, 2-Shelf plugin doesn't have any factory presets anymore. I made a couple for my reverb EQ's the other day, and every time I open it, it defaults to my Drum EQ annoyingly. I couldn't even remember what the default freqs were to make an Init. Went digging in the folders since mine worked fine, noticed the factory folder was named "PEQ 2-Band, 2-Shelf" just like the plugin, but the User presets folder was named "PEQ 2-Band 2-Shelf" without the comma. BAM. Removed the comma from the factory folder, now the default presets show up again and it starts with the factory Init every time.

Haven't seen anybody mention this yet, so maybe its just a fluke on my system, maybe Im the only one that uses the Akai plugs hehe. All the songs Im working on were started in 2.5 and they definitely had presets there, cause Ive used it everywhere instead of my DMG/Fabfilter stuff lately.