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By Juanmo Lino Mon Aug 26, 2019 5:06 pm
Hi guys!

I'm writing you because I have a problem that I can't solve yet, and I was wondering if you have some information about this issue:

I have an mpc touch and when I try to load an effect in the mixer or the program edit modes (EQ, comp etc), what ever it is akai, air, or waves, or any other plugin/instrument (from the arturia's collection for example), the software crashes. Just like that, losing all the work done before, if you could work anyway...

I've been writting to the akai people but they don't have any anwser!
I have a lenovo thinkpad I7 with 12GB ram,

I don't know why it would do that. Right now I can't even't load a plugin, instrument or anything. So,

Any information would be appreciated!!


PD: I've realized that opening these effects, plugins or instruments from the pc instead of the MPC doesn't make this issue happen. Is it a hardware, firmware or software problem?