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By Revor Sun Mar 07, 2021 9:34 pm
Hello to the forum - glad to have found this and hopefully won't be too annoying with my questions.

I have a fairly new MPK225 and it came with MPC Beats. I'm going through the MPC Beat Academy tutorial vids and am noticing that I can't follow along with one today - where the demo is showing how to use the House Template to build a beat. To put it simply: my controller pads are not triggering the things that the pads in Beats are triggering. I can play a Pad in Beats and get a House Progression Chord (Program is 'Electric Rhodes") but none of the 8 pads on my MPK225 will trigger that House Chord? So, question I guess is: why aren't the MPK225 pads synched up with Beats pads?