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By dimjon Fri Mar 12, 2021 10:54 pm
Hi - I'm having some problems with the "Record from Sequence Start" function:

- Even though this function is described in the manual (Chapter Transport Controls), even showing a dedicated button in the transport bar, I cannot find this button in the software)
- The function is still accessible through MIDI Learn, and it works if I trigger it through MIDI while the track is playing and then click the RECORD button in the Software (Which is a slightly different behavior than described in the manual).
- It does NOT work if I trigger RECORD by MIDI instead of clicking the button, which is really strange, because clicking the RECORD button and triggering it by MIDI should result in the same behavior, right?

Does anyone have the same problem? Or am I getting something wrong?

"Record from Sequence Start" would be an awesome functionality that would be incredibly useful for live performances, so it would be awesome to get it working.

Thanks, Michael.
By dimjon Sat Mar 13, 2021 11:41 am
Hi @Lampdog, this only helps if the track is not already running, right? I want to do this while it's already playing. So it should continue playing, but then basically do a Punch-In at 1.1

This is also the behavior described in the manual:

"After you record-arm the track and start playback, click Record
from Sequence Start to start recording once the sequence loops
back to its start. This is essentially a punch-in feature for the entire
track, enabling you to start playing a record-armed track while
allowing more time than the usual count-in to prepare for the actual
recording to start."